Faded Glory

Once upon a time, in the mid-1970's, there was the original pre-faded jean, Faded Glory. The "it" brand of it's day, one rocked those jeans with a pair of Frye Stitching Horse boots, and a foxy Huck-A-Poo shirt.

I was stoked when I saw the Stella McCartney spring collection, because her easy peasy modernist take on denim seemed so eerily familiar. Those loose, boxy silhouettes worn with sensible sandals may be nothing like their 70's disco ready predecessors, yet they resonate the same pre-washed coolness responsible for teenage popularity way back when.

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Can you fall in love with a belt? Seriously, date it? There's much to adore on BHLDN. Behold the nautical rope belt that whispers softly in my ear "you know you want me."

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Travels With My Aunt

She's the original Gaga, having survived an early career as an infamous cabaret singer, and several marriages to curious gentlemen of European extraction. She's been around the world more times than she cares to recall. She loves to collect souvenir items, and doesn't think it's touristy at all. She has a flaming bouffant and long lacquered nails to match, with impressive stones on almost every finger. She wears Cleopatra eyeliner and flowing caftans in loud prints. She makes flourishing gestures with her bejeweled wrists and hands for emphasis, as if casting a spell. She drinks bellinis at 10, espresso at 4, martinis at 6, Campari and soda at 8, followed by a continental dinner at 10, her only meal of the day.

She is your aunt, not you, of the understated chic urban set. But you love touristy things too, especially little hand painted enamel charms from fabulous places you and your husband are too busy to visit, what with careers, a family, and a home to manage. Maybe some day, you tell yourself, when the kids have grown, you'll plan fabulous trips around the world, more times than you care to recall.

Cynthia Rybakoff one of a kind sterling silver and vintage enamel travel charm collection, available weekends at Artists & Fleas, Brooklyn.


Red Hot

Happy Valentine's Day!

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A Love Story

With Valentine's Day around the corner, and New York Fall Fashion Week in full swing, love is in the air on and off the runway. While perusing the Steven Alan fall collection, I was immediately struck by it's retro classic nature, and pictured the looks on a modern day version of Ryan O'Neil and Ali McGraw in Love Story. Released in 1970, Love Story was as notable for it's doomed love affair between Ivy leaguers Oliver Barrett IV, and blue collar Jennifer Cavilleri, as it was for their preppy bohemian style. For fall, Steven Alan captures the essence of the young collegiate intellectual perfectly, in his oh so wearable collection for men and women. I've picked out my fave looks, paired as couples, for some Valentine's fun!

Images courtesy of Marie Claire, and Style.com.


Dog Show!

Matt Shapoff, "Helper Dog Cyanotype No. 321", 2010

I can't think of a better way to spend Valentine's Day, than celebrating our four legged loved ones at Mascot's Studio's annual Dog Show. Dogs don't need a pedigree or agility training to be included in dog artist extraordinaire slash gallery owner Peter McCaffrey's show, just a great image. Attend the opening night reception in Mascot's cozy East Village gallery, or peruse the pup art at your leisure from February 14th to March 31st. With all these talented canine artists, you'll be hard pressed to choose a "Best in Show"!

The 12th Annual Dog Show
Feb 14th - Mar 31st
Opening; Valentine's Day 7-9pm

Mascot Studio
328 East 9th Street
New York, NY 10003


Bunny Love

White Rabbit Necklace, by Georgia Varidakis Jewelry

Rabbit Jumps the Laurel Necklace, by Christine Domanic Jewelry

White Rabbit Ring, by Georgia Varidakis Jewelry

It's the Year of the Rabbit, and I just love those little clover mowers! Yesterday, at Artists & Fleas, jewelry designer Georgia Varidakis was babysitting a sweet little black bunny, and I just wanted one right then and there! My two kittehs would probably not approve, so I've assembled a collection of cute bunny inspired designs instead.

Images courtesy of Perch, Georgia Varidakis Jewelry, Oh, Little Rabbit, Christine Domanic Jewelry.


Love Tokens

I'm moving to Brooklyn! Cynthia Rybakoff jewelry debuts today at Artist & Fleas in Williamsburg, with a special selection of modern vintage jewels for Valentine's Day. Shop the entire collection, all winter long, at Artists & Fleas' spacious new location. See more of my Love Tokens, available exclusively at Artist's and Feas.

70 North 7th Street
Between Wythe and Kent
Weekends 12 - 8pm

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