Color Me Mine

Want, want want. These brightly-glazed ceramic colliers have an art deco feel and are strung on seductive soft cording. Handmade in France by Marion Vidal. For collectors, for color enthusiasts, at Anthropologie.

Inages courtesy of Anthropologie.


Good Enough To Eat

Pret a porter or pret a manger? Introducing Mise en Place Vintage, Brooklyn's newest source for DIY vintage jewelry, as well as unique finished items. Browse a delectable selection of "ingredients" at the vintage bead bar, gathered from all over the globe, for making your own designs. Or say the word, and Cynthia or Courtney will help you put a little something together, right there on the spot.

For the connoisseur, sample one of a kind and limited edition pieces from the Mise en Place House Reserve Collection, created entirely of vintage parts from the Mise en Place bead bar, including mid-century modern plastics, Japanese ceramics, and West German glass and chains. Vistors can even catch a glimpse of the designers at work, creating new pieces each weekend at Artists & Fleas!

Visit Mise en Place on Tumblr and Facebook.

Images courtesy of Mise en Place Vintage


Violet Eyes

Farewell, violet eyes.

Images courtesy of Jezebel.


The Aviator

There's something about aged glove leather and riveted aluminum cladding that gets my creative juices all a-fluttery. Sure, it's mas macho than my usual gender neutral interior leanings, but a piece of two from the new Restoration Hardware Aviator Collection would surely add some masculine romance to a library or media room. Man with great hair, steely eyes and pilot's license optional.

Images courtesy of
THE GENT - THE REBEL - THE POET, Restoration Hardware.


New Dimensions

Pallas ~ The Greek Titan God of Warcraft. Envisioned + styled by Asanti Austin, and featuring Cynthia Rybakoff jewelry.

Images courtesy of Dimensionmagazine.


Fashion Week Redux

There's a bit of Fashion Week for the rest of us, happening this weekend at Artists & Fleas, in Williamsburg on the waterfront. Come browse a curated showcase of over 12 emerging independent jewelry, clothing and accessory designers as they unveil new looks and new lines from their Spring/Summer collections.

New Designers & New Designs will also shine, sparkle and dazzle with a spring assortment of my fine fashion jewels! Read more about what folks are saying about Cynthia Rybakoff jewelry, over in the 'Burg, after the jump.

Images courtesy of Artists & Fleas.
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