Liberty For All

Anglophiles, dandies and bohos rejoice! Liberty of London is collaborating with Target on a line of their signature floral clothing and accessories with that vintage 70's vibe that looks as fresh to me today as it did in the 70's, when I'd drool over my mother's collection of Liberty shirts...

I can see myself purchasing the lovely one ruffled shoulder dress above, to wear while riding this groovy bicycle to a summer clambake on the beach... Impractical? I think not.

My husband will learn to love these ties.... Sigh.
I don't know if the shirts are for boys or girls but they look pretty unisex to me. One of each please!

Images via Refinery29.


Sustainable Chic

During New York fashion week, I had the pleasure of attending the C. Marchuska Fall/Winter 2010 show, where being green never means having to sacrifice sophistication or style. Created by Christine Marchuska and Brooke Bresnan, C. Marchuska is an eco-friendly clothing line, which provides chic and sustainable clothing at affordable prices.

Even the accessories were green, with animal friendly footwear by NeuAura and remixed jewels from my Estate Collection in oxidized silver with semi-precious stones and vintage components.

For a slinky noir evening look, the eco-conscious team selected a pair of my Swarovski crystal drops from the late 80's in Montana blue to go with this beautifully gathered blouse in soft black with glittery blue trim paired with slim black satin pj pants - an outfit I intend to add to my own wardrobe as soon as it's available!


Crazy Lace

All I can think about for Spring is filling my closet with a mix of pale pastels and neutrals. But baby it's still cold outside! So until warmer weather officially hits NYC, I'll be craving some hot pops of color to liven up all those winter greys. Like ruby crazy lace agate with blackened silver.

At home a little bright color goes a long way - we have a rocking chair like this in white leather but a bold print is much more fun!

While we're still on the topic of hot colors and bold prints, I think this vintage classic says it all!

Cynthia Rybakoff blackened sterling silver and crazy lace agate bracelet, $58.00 at Supermarket and Shopflick.
Other images via Blinkdecor and Love.


Wings Of Inspiration (And A Winner!)

Birds are a constant source of inspiration for Matt's photography and video, as well as my own jewelry and graphic design. Our most treasured find is this darling nest, found one spring on our deck, with the partial remains of three tiny bright blue speckled eggs. It's the source image for Matt's Nest & Egg Cyanotype prints and my duotone note cards for our line of one of a kind prints and paper goods, Handmade On Peconic Bay. You can find our designs on Supermarket, along with these awesome bird inspired picks for spring from some fellow Supermarket designers!

Perch Shake-a-Leg Salt & Pepper Shakers

Chakra Pennywhistle Little Modern Birds 2

Victore NYC Love Bird

And thanks to all who entered this week's giveaway for the Thomas Paul Nest Pillow. The winner is... Elisa Sugar for her sheer enthusiasm, gobs of love and sharing her vision of the green pillow on her beat up turquoise leather loveseat!



The term lovebirds was used as early as the 16th century to describe a couple with a tendency for PDA. Lovebirds and doves remain popular symbols in Western culture, representing love and fidelity. A bird is also slang, used by blokes looking upon the fairer sex with a slightly more carnal eye. With that in mind here are some avian inspired goodies for the season of love.

A very feminine amethyst and pink tourmaline partridge charm necklace and dangling partridge charm ring make cute love tokens for your bird on Valentine’s Day.

In nature lovebirds are a small and social species of parrots, noted for human-like affection for their mate. Lovebirds sleep sitting side-by-side and turn their faces in towards each other, like the pair on this note card by Handmade On Peconic Bay.

Cynthia Rybakoff sterling silver Love Bird Necklace, $48.00 on Supermarket and Shopflick. Mrs. Partridge sterling silver charm ring, $28.00, on Supermarket. Love Birds note card by Cynthia Rybakoff for Handmade on Peconic Bay, $3.50 at Supermarket and Etsy.
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