Dripping Diamonds

Can luxury be democratic? Should we still buy it and wear it proudly? I think we can, but priorities have shifted dramatically in 2009. My new collection, appropriately entitled Post Bling, is based on more humble materials that either are real or fake versions of that ubiquitous rock, the diamond.

Cynthia Rybakoff sterling silver and raw diamond Dripping Diamonds necklace, $228.00 and earrings, $68.00 at Supermarket.


Inconspicuous Luxury

So we’ve entered a post-luxury era. What to wear now that we’ve all lost our shirts? Luxury is still desirable, of course. Who wouldn't want beautiful, high quality things if they could afford it? And things are starting to look up, but conspicuous consumption is so Ancien Régime. Time to take it down a notch, regardless of your wallet size.

Cynthia Rybakoff sterling silver and CZ Fake Necklace, $78.00 and Fake Hoops, $44.00 at Supermarket.
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