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I was perusing the J. Peterman Owner's Manual 76, when I became inspired to create some stylishly entertaining anecdotes of my own, pairing iconic fashion looks with coordinating vintage tabletop pieces and cookware! These dotted Silk Palazzo Pants are fab with a fisherman stripe Vallauris Shirt and this copper fish poacher for a family seaside dinner alfresco...

Now I'm channeling my mother, who might have thrown a dinner party in the late 60's wearing this Jaisalmer Dress, while whipping up some chicken tandoori in this flame colored tagine. These rustic antique ceramic refractory pans would make the perfect serving pieces!

I watch Antiques Roadshow, and tend to get very excited by anything with the words English, silver, Sheffield or flatware. I love this one of a kind English Canteen Set of Sheffield silver plated flatware with faux bone handles. It will go perfectly with this grassy green Art Nouveau Floral Skirt and Swan Blouse for a Spring buffet.

I think I'll completely spoil dinner by indulging in a late afternoon cream tea. Care to join? I'll serve cocktails as well, just so I can show off this charming antique bistro wicker and glass seltzer dispenser and these swirl pattern absinthe glasses. I actually have a bunch of these French bistro money plates, which are perfect for lady treats. This shapely Long Sleeve 1947 Dress, is lovely and so Katharine Hepburn, don't you think?

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