Reclaimed Rococo

Everything today is being designed with reclaimed materials for their upcycled chic appeal. So why not create a luxurious collection of 18th century French Regency inspired furniture and decor, done up in salvaged and raw looking materials? Weathered wood, brass nailheads, unbleached rough textured linen all in a desaturated palette of soothing neutrals.

I love the idea of grand furnishings of a golden era, hand crafted in down to earth materials,  with the ornately carved  wooded forms left unembellished with only an aged patina... The Restoration Hardware Spring 2010 Collection captures the essence of this Reclaimed Rococo style with studied elegance.

This modern vintage Van Dyke Brown peacock feather art print by Matt Shapoff for Handmade On Peconic Bay in  sepia tones would look perfect in an ornate Rococo frame stripped of it's gilded past...

For post-economic downturn luxe, choose neo-classic forms that look fresh again with roughly textured upholstory, like this natural Belgian linen nailhead bench.

18th century inspiration for a modern wingback chair, plainly upholstered in raw Belgian linen with a bare nailhead finish.

Sepia tones + romance = heaven!

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