Crystal Palace

Joseph Paxton's Crystal Palace of 1851 was grand cast-iron and glass building erected in Hyde Park, London, England. It's revolutionary modern design referenced the great cathedrals of antiquity with it's monumental and awe inspiring presence.

Another magnificent crystal palace, albeit fictional, is Superman's frozen Fortress of Solitude, the  inspiration for my super popular sterling silver and crystal spike Fortress Of Solitude Series.

The Fortress Of Solitude Series available exclusively at Supermarket.

Here's my Smallville hero Clark in his Arctic fortress and a certain superwoman wearing the Fortress Of Solitude necklace with super styling!

Good news for Superman fans, the fortress actually exists! This awesome image is from a giant crystal cave called Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico..

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Dylan Cole Studio, Cynthia Rybakoff, TVall the mountains...

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