Top Shelf Goods

Do take 10 minutes out of your busy day to watch this charming and rather wacky short film entitled "Damaged Goods", by London ceramic artist Barnaby Barford. It's tragic tale of  low born boy meets upper class girl played out by porcelain figurines in a  cluttered bric-a-brac shop. 

The film explores forbidden love between the different strata of society, their world portrayed here quite literally as a hierarchy of shelving, with the messy floor of the shop representing the lower class origins of the boy, to the top shelf lifestyle of the privileged class girl amongst the crystal and silver.

It's also a classic rags to riches story with shattering consequences! I love the mix of characters  and the choice of animating classic porcelain figurines - they remind me of my mother's Royal Doultan collection I played with as a child.

Images courtesy of designboom.

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