In these troubling times of economic uncertainty, and environmental disaster on an unimaginable scale, it has become ever so popular to take a staycation, venturing out on daytrips, to sample the local cuisine and explore new neighborhoods. So why not stay home in seasonal style? It's easy to add some great summer items to your living space or closet with just a few mouse clicks!

1. Anthropologie ~ Rope Frame
2. Thomaspaul ~ Portland Dessert Plate Set
3. Anthropologie ~ Large Rope Magnifier
4. Anthropologie ~ Paper Sketch Vases
5. Anthropologie ~ Driftwood Hurricane
6. Jennifer Sitko ~ Patterned Stem Lamp
7. Thomaspaul ~ Large Coral Tote
8. Thomaspaul ~ Crab Pillow
9. Anthropologie ~ Sundried Hat

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