The Sea Will Tell

Nautical themes are my fave, when it comes to home decor. I like my place to feel beachy year round! I even married a sailor, although Matt's more of a photographer-artist these days. You can find his modern vintage nautical prints in our Handmade On Peconic Bay Supermarket and Etsy shops.

Matt Shapoff creates his one of a kind prints of sloops and lighthouses using a 19th century photographic process called the cyanotype. The nautical series is also an artistic collaboration with Second Life virtuoso RJ Kikuchiyo. Matt takes RJ's 3D digital images and makes special negatives for the cyanotype process, printing them outdoors in sunlight just as it was done over 100 years ago. Then Matt blind embosses the Handmade On Peconic Bay logo on each print, using his 1895 Pearl letterpress. Finally, both artists sit down to co-sign the work.

Handmade On Peconic Bay one of a kind Cyanotype nautical prints by Matt Shapoff, $38 each at Supermarket.

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