Romper Room

Here in NYC, a new summer trend has emerged. Woman of all ages and types are sporting "the romper". It certainly looks cool and easy to wear, if the pictures above are any indication, but is the romper really for everyone? Like flip flops with bikini tops with cut-offs, is it appropriate for the gritty streets of NYC? I might wear one to the beach, or shopping for produce at Halsey Farm in Watermill, but the romper just looks out of place in the city, and for the most part unflattering on the myriad of women I've seen wearing them.

"Fiona" aka Gabrielle Anwar

With one exception. And that woman is Fiona Glenanne. Sure, she's a fictional character played by the 40 year old lithe and preternaturally tan Gabrielle Anwar, who can pass for 28, and stars in my favorite action packed spy series Burn Notice. A force to be reckoned with, who looks like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine, Fiona runs around Miami in a skimpy outfits, towering platforms and fabulous accessories, while carrying heavy artillery and catching the baddies. With her cool manner and nonchalant style, like those practical leather hip bags, she always wears, Fiona is the kind of woman who would look super kick-ass in a romper anywhere!

Images courtesy of
couturecandy, Roxy, shopbop, USA Network's Burn Notice.

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