Spring Cleaning

Un-wearable old stuff courtesy of Pack Rat

Re•cy•cle (rē-sī'kəl) To process used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products; synonyms: hand-me-down, nearly new, not new, passed down, pre-owned, worn.

Everyone has a box of jewelry lying around that’s either broken or missing a part, has fallen out of favor, or was never quite right in the first place. Do you a. toss it, b. melt it (if it’s precious), or c. recycle it? If you picked “c”, then grab that pile o’crap and contact me for a no strings attached consultation. Meanwhile, here’s a case study on recycling a problematic piece of jewelry into something the client could actually wear. Check back in the future, for examples of re-styling different types of jewelry.

Pictured above are some lovable, colorful, hand painted wooden beads purchased on a trip to India. Problem: beads are loosely strung on unappealing white thread with no clasp or way to shorten length.

Solution: ream bead holes, re-string beads on heavier black waxed cotton cord and add a new sterling silver Bali bead slide to adjust necklace to desired length. Cost: $25 for labor + materials.

Leave me a comment about your unworn jewelry of any material or send me a picture, via Blogger, with a brief description of the problem, and I’ll email you back a free consultation on how to re-style your piece and what it might cost.

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