Made To Measure

We are not made alike, but when it comes to jewelry, one size only fits most. Companies design for the “average” customer (I've worked for quite a few), so if you are not, then you know the fit is not always quite right. Personally, I've never purchased a bracelet that didn't need alteration because I have an unusually small wrist, and I have to avoid bangles and cuffs altogether which sucks!

Introducing Made To Measure at Supermarket, a custom sizing service available for many of the jewelry styles in my shop. Look for the tag line THIS ITEM CAN BE MADE TO MEASURE. If your size is not listed or you’d like the piece altered in length, we can do that. Easily.

All you have to do is gage your wrist or necklace length with a piece of string and then measure that length with a ruler. Send me a message before ordering and I’ll confirm your custom size request.

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