Moody Blues

So far 2009 has me feeling blue. A muted grey-ish blue, more like the color of an overcast sky. My color forecast for Spring is infused with moody colors - faded cornfower, stormy grey, dusty violet, aging ballet pink, polar white. It's a soft and quiet mood, perhaps a reflection of a more global feeling of anticipation and the need to be surrounded by soothing things. I'll be wearing a lot of jewelry, scarves and handbags in these colors for the next few months against a backdrop of black denim, grey cashmere and tweed with a tropical punch of color here and there, like geranium, lime and mimosa.

Above is a palette of stones from my Spring 2009 jewelry collection, arranged by color family. There are pale pinks (morganite or pink aquamarine, rose quartz and pink Peruvian opal), translucent purples (ametrine and amethyst), violet-blues (iolite, chalcedony, blue opal, Umba sapphire), iridescent greys (labradorite) and icy whites (moonstone, rock crystal and snowy rock crystal druzy).

I started my career as a painter, at the age of seven and attained degrees in fine art and art history before dropping everything to design jewelry for a living. Along the way, I took a color theory class based on the work of Joseph Albers, the Bauhaus artist and professor who wrote a seminal book called "Interaction of Color", which changed my point of view forever. I have become savant like in the pursuit of a color story for my own jewelry and graphic design work and for the creative direction I do for other companies.

The reigning precious metal color of choice for the new mood is sterling silver. The more aged the patina, the better. If I'm not using vintage silver findings, which i never NEVER polish, I'll do a light oxidation treatment on new silver to give it a darker tone and worn feeling. I am also playing with the idea of tension between the romance and feminity of the stone colors and the hard edged masculinity of darkened silver, and have added some lovely soft ribbon details to soften the mix. The mint satin ribbon tie necklace above is made from organic tumbled green quartz stones with sterling silver accents.

Cynthia Rybakoff sterling silver and green quartz 24" necklace with mint ribbon ties, $700, by request at CynthiaRybakoff.com.

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