It's Me Cathy

I am still swooning from part one of Masterpiece Classic's new adaptation of Emily Brontë's brutal and passionate story of uncivilized emotion run amuck on the solitary windswept moors, Wuthering Heights. Fortunately I can watch it again and again at pbs.org.

I awoke this morning with the operatic voice of Kate Bush in my head, and had to watch her 1978 “Wuthering Heights” video on YouTube, an odd geisha style ballet pantomime of the story, which satisfied my craving for more of the turbulent and ultimately thwarted love affair of high-spirited Cathy Earnshaw and her dark brooding Heathcliff.

I imagine myself a modern day Cathy coming home at last, dressed for blustery weather and grey skies on the Yorkshire moors in a flowing empire waist ecru linen dress with a cropped fitted wool jacket in periwinkle blue, my long raven hair untamed by pins or clips, my neck adorned with a neoclassic cameo pendant in sage green and white jasper ware on a modern biker curb chain dipped in shiny 24k gold.

Cynthia Rybakoff vintage green cameo pendant in modern 24k vermeil setting, edition 1/1, $575, by request at CynthiaRybakoff.com.


  1. I love that book. No film adaptation has ever done it justice. I love the neoclassic style of the pendant in the main picture. I love your jewellery designs in general and am a keen reader of your blog.

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  2. As soon as I saw the title of your post I heard the Kate Bush song in my head. Always loved the book and thought it is one of the best yet disturbing portraits of human nature ever written. Really wanting that necklace as well!


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