Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

"Let it never be said that romance is dead" ~ Kaiser Chiefs "Ruby".

I adore precious gemstones in their raw state. Here are two examples of delicate ruby and sapphire slice pendants, with oxidized sterling silver. Always one of a kind, these geometric lovelies were sliced from naturally occurring hexagonal crystals in the corundum family.

This season on Breaking Bad, Hank, the cranky bedridden family narc and gunshot victim, who's new hobby is collecting mineral specimens, scored a premium example of natural blue corundum on eBay. "Sapphire", I screamed out loud to the TV, to no one in particular. I love mineral specimens too.

Cynthia Rybakoff Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Pendant, $138, currently available online at Supermarket and weekends 10-7pm at Artists & Fleas.

Sapphire pendant photo courtesy of Ashdel Handmade.

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