Vintage Ads

The other day I was showing a friend some vintage media featuring my jewelry, and this ad practically leapt off the page of my chocolate leather portfolio. "Oooh, Janice Dickinson!" my friend squealed (she would never have recognized the diva, were she not currently a reality TV star). There she was, looking exceptionally young, gorgeous and natural, sitting for Richard Avedon in 1989.

Stylist Julie Britt, who hired me to design jewelry for Revlon's "The most unforgettable women in the world" campaign, was a creative dynamo, custom making everything, like those sculptural organza collars (I still have the fabric she gave me for inspiration). The pave rhinestone jewelry was originally designed for Isaac Mizrahi's first runway show, but lots of stylists and editors were requesting it for shoots, including Sarajane Hoare at British Vogue. Julie decided just one earring was enough, but make it longer!

I was invited to the shoot at Avedon's Upper East Side studio and remember meeting him briefly. The models were quite ethereal, having their make-up done. Not much conversation there. Truthfully, I was just delivering props for the set, so off I went back to my own studio slash bedroom, not quite ever believing I was really there.

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